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We Help Research Teams Build Quality Software

Focus on advancing your research

reduce the risk of project failure

access experienced software experts

Do You Struggle with Building Software?

  • Is your software difficult to understand?
  • Are making improvements slow, difficult and error prone?
  • Are you neglecting your research to spend time trying to improve your software?
  • Do you have ugly, disorganized software?
  • Are you easily growing your user base?
  • Do you wish you had an experienced software expert on your team?

We understand! Building software is complicated!
We can help you navigate the difficult decisions to make your project a success.

Fieldstone Iterations

We develop and release in short duration iterations to minimize risk and maximize engagement.



Identify  and document phase objectives, alternatives and constraints.


Design software to satisfy objectives. Use mockups and/or prototypes to analyze risk.


Develop & Test

Implement the Design and validate it against documented phase objectives.

Deploy & Maintain

Release the software to users, monitor use and repair bugs.


Active Projects

SMall Aircraft Risk Technology (SMART)

Fieldstone Software is helping to design and build a new front end for the SMART fracture mechanics engine.

The SMART team includes participants from the University of Texas at San Antonio, St. Mary’s University of San Antonio, Nuss Sustainment Solutions, Textron Aviation, and the Federal Aviation Administration.